With children

Have you booked a night away and want to go out with the kids? There is plenty to discover in Volendam and surrounding areas and that for all ages!

Go to the indoor playground

In Zwaag (Hoorn) is the indoor playground Ballorig where you and your little ones will be busy all day (from 3 years). There are even toddler mornings! From Van der Valk Hotel Volendam you can be in the ball pit with your children within 25 minutes. Balllorig is known as the best indoor playground where your children can climb, run and jump without a care in the world.

Monkeytown is the most exciting indoor play paradise for children from 1 to 10 years old, here you can have a great time with the kids. Of course, here too there is a toddler zone with a ball pit, mini trampolines, slides and large Lego blocks. Monkeytown is less than a 10-minute drive from Van der Valk Hotel Volendam. There are also several children's scavenger hunts and museums to explore with your children, so hit the road.

Climbing park for the slightly older children

Discover the various climbing parks near Van der Valk Hotel Volendam. This is guaranteed to be a success for the kids and for you. You can have at least 1.5 to 2 hours of fun among the trees and, of course, go for it together with your children to defy the limits. Swing through the trees the different courses and help each other to the finish line. Fun Forest Amsterdam and Klimpark Twiske have mapped out wonderful routes for you and your family and you will have a lot of fun!

Also for the parents the place to be

You can retreat to the hospitality area while your children play and experience an unforgettable day. Drink a delicious cup of coffee in the restaurant, discover the reading corner with a wide range of magazines and/or periodicals. For parents Ballorig and Monkeytown is wantonly cheap, for parents admission is even free.

A night out with the kids

Do you want to relax after a day of clambering and climbing? Then book your overnight stay in the luxury family room now. If your children do not already have an unforgettable day, they will certainly have it during an overnight stay at Van der Valk Hotel Volendam!