Grab your bike and make a delightful trip across the beautiful North Holland landscape. The bike route nodes all around the province will lead the way. We have excellent rental bikes waiting for you, and of course we are happy to provide you with a great cycling route.

If you love fresh air, but are not yet in good enough shape to ride a bike, you can rent a E-bikes (electric bike) or E-chopper in stead of regular bikes at the front desk

Bike rental:
1 day € 12,50 per day

E-Bike rental:
1 day € 27,50 per day

€ 29,50 per day

Children tandem:
€ 22.50 per day

Children bicycles on request

  • When we need to hire bicycles external, price on request
  • Groups from 10 persons, price on request
  • Kids bike rental: price on request