Go climbing!

Will you become the climbing boss and exceed your expectations by climbing to great heights? Go climbing together with your children among the trees and don't forget to enjoy the surroundings every now and then! Both difficulty and height can vary during the different courses. Discover your own limits and exceed your (and your children's) expectations. If you are staying at Van der Valk Hotel Volendam, the travel time to Klimpark Twiske is only 25 minutes and to Fun Forest Amsterdam just under 40 minutes. Read on quickly to find out what the difference is between these 2 wonderful climbing forests.

Klimpark Twiske

In Klimpark Twiske you will experience adventures to great heights and have the most beautiful views. Did you know that Klimpark Twiske is located in the center of the triangle? Between Zaandam, Amsterdam and Purmerend is this beautiful climbing park. There are no less than 7 climbing routes that go up to a maximum of 7.5 meters, so there is a route for everyone. Of course nature is the boss, but between these trees you can try to become the winner over heights and your own limits. Do you prefer to stay safely on the ground? At Klimpark Twiske you can also go mountain biking, frisbee golf or hand archery!

Climbing park Fun Forest

Want to climb a little further south from Van der Valk Hotel Volendam? Head to Klimpark Fun Forest Amsterdam and have a great adventure among the trees! Believe us, the trees won't be the only ones growing in this forest. Swing like a Tarzan or Jane to the next tree and enjoy the 10 different courses. Between 2.5 meters and 15 meters you can have fun, so the easy courses are also available for the little ones!

Complete your day

Are you getting hungry from climbing and want to give your body some rest afterwards? Unwind in our Wellness or grab a bite to eat in our restaurant upon your return. Timo Toekan is on standby to make this a great memory for the kids as well. Would you like to book a night away as a surprise for your children? Book your family room here now!