Hotel guests can enjoy breakfast inside the restaurant or outside on our terrace. Upon arrival at the hotel, you can reserve a time for breakfast.


The restaurant is open again , but there is a maximum capacity of 50 people per room. You can sit at a table with a maximum of 12 people if you are not from the same household. If you do come from the same household, the is no maximum. Children up to and including 12 years old are not included.

Our restaurant is open from 06:00 to 22:00. From 11:00 you can have a delicious lunch in the restaurant, reservation in advance is not possible.

For dinner you can book in advance for a time slot. The possible time slots are: 17.00/17.30/18.00/18.30/19.00/19.30/20.00/20.30/21.00 hours

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From 11:00 to 22:00 you can visit us on the terrace for a cup of coffee, lunch, drinks or dinner. The terrace is partly covered, there are heat lamps, throws and fireplaces to keep you warm. Pre-booking for a time slot is possible.

The possible time slots are 12.00/13.30/15.00/16.30/17.00/17.30/18.00/18.30/19.00/19.30/20.00/ hours

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You are also welcome again in our hotel bar. 
Our bar is daily open from 09.00-01.00 hours


Alcoholic drinks are available until 01:00.

Room service

Would  you like to have dinner in your roomsm that is possible, You can order from our roomservice menu  which can be found in your room again. Room service costs €12.50 for room service. Hotel guests can therefore no longer order dishes via Valkthuis.

Pick up & delivery

Delivery of our dishes is no longer possible. You can also continue to pick up your dishes. These can still be ordered through Valkthuis.

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