Kids menu

In the restaurant, we have a for kids: The Timo Toekan menu.

The kids menu consists of a drink, fries with a choice of a croquet, frikandel...and a delicious ice cream (children serving)! This Timo Toekan-menu is very popular among children.


By good weather, the kids can play in our playground with double swing, slide, stretch diver and a seesaw.

Kids corner

At the basement of our restaurant, we have a special corner for kids, allowing them to stretch their legs during the dinner or the event.

There is a television where they can wath serveral films.Timo Toekan, the logo of our hotel chain is also reflected in the restaurant in the form of a children's menu, so it;s very recognizable for the children.

Timo Toekan Packages

Surprise your child(ren) with one of our Timo Toucan Packages!