Special care

For guests needing extra care in their room, our hotel offers special customised facilities. Together with Evean we offer the required extra care.  

Every overnight stay in our hotel can be combined with extra care. You can choose our Care package or a combination of options. 

Our standard facilities for your care:

- Toilet seat raiser
- Hand rails for the shower and/or bath
- Shower seat
- Shower seat with side supports
- Anti-slip shower
- Anti-slip bath

Our door widths per room type:

Standard room
- Room door: 78cm x 199cm
- Bathroom door: 78cm x 189cm with a 12cm step

Luxury room
- Room door: 74cm x 210cm
- Bathroom door: 78cm x 210cm

- Room door: 74cm x 210cm
- Bathroom door: no door, but with a 7cm step

Junior suite 
- Room door: 74cm x 210cm
- Bathroom door: 90cm x 209cm with a 2cm step

Guest lift
- 90cm wide, 210cm high and 218cm long

Mattress (1 person)
- 90cm at 210cm and height mattress is 20cm  

- Bed height 35cm (height from floor to bottom)
- Bed height including mattress is 55cm (In some rooms this may differ due to different types of mattresses)

For more and/or bookings, please contact our reception. 
Telephone number:0031(0) 299-365656 or by mail info@hotelvolendam.com