Picnics are the perfect thing! Discover the world of freedom. Can go from anywhere. Relax and unwind at your pace and in places you have not been before. Meet and talk to people, tell stories and relive the best memories.

Picnic bicycle bag: €25.00 per person
Picnic basket: €25.00 per person ( From 2 persons )
The picnic bag is suitable for one person, the picnic basket is suitable for two people.

Your picnic bag / basket will be filled with:


1 x Fresh juice 0.2 L p.p.
1 x Bottles of water 0.5 L p.p.
1 x Coffee or Tea p.p.
Bottle of bubbles 37.5 cl

Sandwiches / toppings:

1 x Croissants p.p.
1 x Mini jar of Jam / Honey / Butter p.p.
1 x Sandwich with smoked salmon and chicken p.p.
1 x piece of Brie
1 x Fresh Fruit salad p.p.
1 x Wrap carpacio p.p.
1 x Tuna salad p.p.


1 x Muffin p.p
1 x yoghurt dessert p.p
1 x Macaron p.p
1x apple cake p.p.

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