When Nicolaas van der Valk in purchased the farm "De Gouden Leuuw" in Voorschoten in 1862, he couldn't possibly have dreamed that this purchase would launch an impressive empire in the Dutch catering world: a family enterprise with over 100 hotels and restaurants.

The youngest son of 24 children, took over the company from his parents and made it big.

In 1939 Martinus and Rie van der Valk began a restaurant in Voorschoten. By working hard and using a hospitable, homely approach, their business became a success.

In the years after the second world war, they built a couple of restaurants together with their 11 children.

Still, their vision with regard to hospitality, is the foundation of the successful "Van der Valk-formule". Their attitude and entrepreneurial spirit is an example for younger generations of "Valken".


Isn't it a remarkable fact that more than 300 family members work for the same company? There were remarkable people at the foundation of that success, and we are given the opportunity to build on that.

We are proud as a family that we have grown from a small café in Voorschoten into the massive catering chain in the Netherlands with nearly 100 hotels and restaurants.

1st Generation

Nicolaas & Elisabeth van der Valk

Had 24 children. Bought the farm The Gouden Leeuw in 1862 in Voorschoten and the first bar was opened.

2nd Generation

Martinus & Rie van der Valk (son of Nicolaas)

Martinus has a nose for trade and realized that more money could be made if the cattle was slaughtered off in house. In 1929 he takes over the farm/café and expanded it with a playground.
At the age of 25 he was farmer, pub owner and butcher and later he also became involved in the car trade.

All of these branches were crucial for the emergence of the Valk chain as we know it now.
Since he was on the road a lot and had to eat out a lot, Martinus noticed that the food he was served, was often terrible.

His wife Rie would cook the meals for guests that she would normally cook for Martinus.

Together they had 11 children, including Gerrit & Arie van de Valk.

In almost all Valk establishment, you'll find the pictures of Martinus and Rie.

3rd Generation

Bep (eldest daughter of Martinus & Rie)

Moved to Durgerdam in 1946, where Martinues bought her ‘De uitspanning' in the rode pannen district. In 1948 the Haagse Schouw is purchased for Riet.

De Bijhorst was intended for Ina, this establishment was purchased in 1949.

During the expansion the brothers Arie and Gerrit became predominantly present. Arie had an education and became the financial guy, whereas Gerrit took on everything he met on his path, just like his father.

10 years before Martinus died, all of his children were taken care of.

In 1952 the first Belgian establishment opened its doors.

4th Generation

1995 marked the eventual crossing between 2 generations.

Gerrit & Arie take a formal step back from the daily management and the grandchildren of Martinues are now in control.

The fourth generation continued to increase the number of suppliers. From butcher to construction, everything that was even remotely connected to operating a restaurant and motel was incorporate in the van de Valk enterprise.

5th Generation

The young ‘Valken' are well trained, even more idiosyncratic than their parents. They experiment with new culinary concepts and have their own vision of the future of catering.

Hotel Volendam


Over 40 years ago this location was purchased by Henk & Ina Luiten.(daughter of Martinus & Rie van der Valk).

The eldest daughter of Henk & Ina, Riet Broeks and her partner Ton, would run the motel. Back then, the motel had 25 motel rooms and a restaurant.

Over the years, several rooms were added as well as a hotel bar


In 1996 the hotel was taken over by their son Jan Broeks and partner Mireille Ortiz. They have also been working hard remodeling and expanding various facilities to be able to provide the guests with optimal service meeting the requirements of today. Meanwhile the hotel has grown to be a dynamic company, able to serve both the leisure and business market.

The ideal location : surrounded by meadows, tempted by the adjacent Ijsselmeer and at the same time, just fifteen minutes away from Amsterdam, this appears to be the perfect resting point between two worlds.


Van der Valk Hotel Volendam has been employing both young and older employees ever since 1973.

Our current team consists of 125 enthusiastic employees, active at various departments. The team consists of a young, enthusiastic and dynamic group of people, who work together very directly at the various departments in order to provide our guests with optimal service.