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Menu of Choice

Menu of choice

Appetizer – Main course – Dessert € 29.75 per person
Appetizer – Soup – Main course – Dessert € 32.75 per person


Saumon fumé
Salmon of salmon-house Steur smoked on oak on a green salad with mustard vinaigrette.

Italian Beef Carpaccio
Hand-shaved spicy ‘Fromaggi di Parma’, mildly roasted pine nuts and an Italian olive oil dressing

Volendam fish tasting
A selection of various fish (Dutch shrimp, eel, salmon)

North Holland goat cheese (vegetarian)
Crumbled goat cheese with 'Du puy "lentils soaked in lime oil and African tutti-frutti

Dutch shrimp
Timbale of Dutch shrimps with fresh salad and a whiskey sauce


Cream Forestiere (vegetarian)
Creamy mushroom soup with various mushrooms, chervil and a dash of cream and brandy

Cream tomatoes
Pomodori tomato soup with basil, topped with crème fraîche

Onion soup
Homemade onion soup with a caret of a scalloped cheese crouton

All appetizers are served with warm bread rolls, herb butter and olive oil.

Main courses

Pan fried cod with mussels braised in garlic butter and freshwater shrimps. A white wine sauce completes the dish

Scottish salmon
Grilled Scottish salmon steak with wild spinach, haricot verts-and Dutch shrimp and a béarnaise sauce

Volendam dover soles
3 dover soles with a Volendam garnish of red cabbage and butter and eek

Tournedos Katwoude
Fillet steak with sautéed onions and mushrooms plus a choice of sauce

Cordon bleu
Butter-tender pork tenderloin stuffed with honey ham and sage and topped with cream brie

Lamb chops
Lamb chops with honey-thyme sauce

Végétarienne Lasagne (Vegetarian)
This delicious Mediterranean variation of a classic has a stuf?ng of grilled eggplant, paprika, zuchhini and broccoli.

All main courses are served with a seasonal vegetable, fried potatoes, Flemish fries, apple sauce, salad and mayonnaise.


Café glacé
Vanilla ice cream with coffee whipped cream and a dash of Tia Maria

Senior ice cream
Vanilla ice cream with fruit and whipped cream

Dame Blanche
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Classic sorbet
Vanilla ice with fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce and whipped cream

Hot chocolate brownie
With chocolate ice cream and vanilla sauce

Crème Brulée
With vanilla ice cream

Cheese platter supplement € 4.25 p.p.
of Burgundian Lifestyle with artisanal farmhouse cheeses, chutney and date bread