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Now that we are less able to meet each other in this day and age, it is more important than ever to forge lasting relationships with your colleagues and customers. For this reason, organizing a hybrid event, which has both offline and online guests, is the perfect solution to still achieve your goals

Why organize Hybrid Events at van der Valk?
The perfect combination between timeless hospitality and modern technology

  • Own streaming platform
  • In-house experts
  • Meet safely and securely
  • The hospitality you know about us, both online and offline
  • High-quality F&B
  • Good price / quality ratio


An event that has both offline and online participants and visitors is a hybrid event. Are you organizing a conference and are you providing a live stream of a speaker on site? And is there interaction between the participants at home and at the physical event at the same time? Then we speak of a hybrid event. You can transform any type of event into a hybrid event: think of conferences, seminars, relationship events, training, kick-off meetings, trade fairs, product presentations, road shows and dealer days. Many compare hybrid events to watching television, but there is a big difference; your online guests participate interactively by, for example, chatting live, taking part in a quiz or participating in a joint brainstorm.


Van der Valk is known as a safe and trusted partner for hospitable meetings. And to be able to guarantee this online as well, Van der Valk Online has its own streaming platform for hybrid and online events. The online participants register here for the event and participation in the events also takes place via this platform. The secure environment will be completely customized to your wishes and your corporate identity. All data and documents of the event are also safely stored here.


Would you like to transform your annual conference or training into a hybrid event without making concessions to your objectives? Do you have doubts that your "viewers" really watch your hybrid event? Or are you organizing a hybrid event for the first time and would you like to be helped? Then contact our central hybrid information point. We are happy to help you.


At Van der Valk we adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM, our colleagues do everything they can to offer you our trusted hospitality despite the current situation. In order to meet safely, the setups and the maximum number of participants per room have been adjusted. As an organizer, you do not have to think about anything and you can focus on the core of your hybrid event. We are happy to relieve you of your worries in a safe and trusted way that Van der Valk has known for over 85 years.


Technology and interaction are the keys to success in organizing a hybrid event. And just like with the offline program, you also want to roll out the red carpet for your participants during the online program. You will have to make an impact to ensure that participants keep watching for an average of 1.5 hours. And to guarantee this for you, we work together with a team of specialists, including directors, to create an online program.


Are your wishes not listed, do you need more information or do you want to make a reservation? You can contact us by telephone on +31 (0) 299-365656 or by e-mail at Or use the form below to request an offer. 

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View the packages we offer below!

Ceremony Package.

The ceremony is an indispensable part of your wedding day.

We would like to offer our ceremony package.

This includes: Glass of cava to toast to the bridal couple

Price per person: € 4.95

Reception Package

During the reception you can enjoy a delicious aperitif and drink. The guests will have the opportunity to congratulate you. For this we offer our reception package.

This package includes: (1 1/2 hours)

• Reception with a glass of bubbly OR coffee with petit four
• Unlimited Dutch drink assortment
• Sweet olives, cheese sticks and nuts on the table
• Warm snacks from our 'Haute Friture'

Price per person € 24.00

Drink Packages with snacks

This package includes:

• Unlimited Dutch drink assortment
• Sweet olives, cheese sticks and nuts on the table
• Warm snacks from our 'Haute Friture'

1-hour drinks package (2 warm snacks) € 12.00 p.p
2-hour drinks package (3 warm snacks) € 21.50 p.p.
Price is excl. room rental

Drink Packages


This package includes:
• Coffee Tea
• Soft drinks
• Fruit juices

1.5 hours : € 12.50 per person
2.5 hours: € 17.50 per person
5 hours : € 25.00 per person


This package includes: • Coffee, tea
• Soft drinks
• Fruit juices
• White, red and rose house wine
• Draft beer
• Domestic spirits

1.5 hours : € 17.50 per person
2.5 hours : € 22.50 per person
5 hours : € 32.50 per person


This package includes:
• Coffee Tea
• Soft drinks
• Fruit juices
• White, red and rose house wine
• Draft beer
• Domestic spirits
• Foreign spirits

1.5 hours : € 22.50 per person
2.5 hours : € 27.50 per person
5 hours : € 37.50 per person

Party-Paket ( 5 Uhr )


This package includes:
• Unlimited Dutch drink assortment
• Salt and nuts on the table
• Cold appetizers (3 p.p.)
• Haute Friture (3 p.p.)
• Cone of fries at the end

Price per person € 45.00


• 2 appetizers from the cook
• Farmhouse bread with tapenade
• Sweet and spicy olives
• Various kinds of nuts
• Different types of cheese
• Haute Friture (3 pieces)
• Charcuterie from local and (inter-)national meats
Price per person € 29.50

• Different types of cheese
• Charcuterie from local and (inter-)national meats
• Sweet and spicy marinated olives
• Various kinds of nuts
Price per person € 24.50

A mix of our cold appetizers and our 'Haute Friture'.
Price per portion (16 pieces) € 19.50

Various toasts including caprese, salmon and pastrami.
Price per portion (6 pieces) € 10.50

Various warm snacks such as bitterballen, flames, shrimp snacks, noodles, nasi snacks, chicken nuggets and meatballs. Served with mustard and chili sauce.
Price per portion (8 pieces) € 8.00