Broek in Waterland


Broek in Waterland

This picturesque village lies just 10 minutes from Amsterdam and the hotel. No wonder so many famous rich 17th & 18th century merchants and seafarers built their homes there. Each home is a living historical landmark. Wander the tiny streets and canals and don’t worry if you find yourself staring at the beautiful sites, the locals are proud of their charming and peaceful village. The name of the village translates literally into “trousers in the land of water”. Keep an eye out for the wooden houses, and explore the tiny canals behind the 14th century Saint Nicholas church.

These local attractions of Broek in Waterland are definetly worth doing!

- Whisperboat rental

- Enjoy pancakes

- Guided tour of Broek in Waterland

- Cycling in Broek in Waterland

- Association Broek in Waterland

- Museum Broekerveiling 


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