Edam is an authentic village where the 18th century can still be admired everywhere. We go back to the year 1357, the year in which Edam was granted city rights and was allowed to build a harbor. It was the beginning of a beautiful era full of trade. Edam cheese became a well-known export product in the Golden Age. You wouldn't think so, but Edam was even one of the most important trading cities in the Netherlands at the time.

The history can be seen everywhere in the village. The Edam Museum is therefore definitely worth a visit! You will be taken back to the Golden Age of Holland. For the contemporary splendor of Edam, you can visit the cheese market in the summer months, which has been around since the 1920s.

A nice way to discover Edam is by renting a bicycle. This can also be nicely combined with the surrounding villages.

What else does Edam have to offer:

What Edam has to offer you: 

- Fort Edam

- Edams museum

- Big church Edam

- Take a walk through Edam

- Specialty cheese shop Edam 


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