Visit by boat or other means of transport the former island and fishing village Marken. Take a nice walk across the yards between the wooden houses, drawbridges and through the narrow alleys. Imagine yourself back in time! You could also get a delicious coffee at the charming harbor.

Marken is among other things known for her monumental wooden houses and at important events or certain holidays will be worn a  Marken costume. All in all a colorful and completely pleasing to the eye.

Interested in ships? Pay a visit to the church. Inside the church are authentic ship models that you can watch in peace.

Daily boat service is served between Marken and Volendam by Marken Express.

A day out on Marken:

Marker museum

Around Marken

Day in Marken

Clog making farm Marken

- Lighthouse Paard van Marken


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