During the 17th century, when the Amsterdam elite wanted to escape the city, they headed out to the region known as De Beemster. Here, they built smaller versions of their luxurious canal houses. You’ll find impressive farmhouses, historical churches and an old fort transformed into a glamorous (and affordable) wellness center! Middenbeemster is one of the towns that make up the municipality of De Beemster. This area is also part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam, a ring of 42 forts built in the 19th century to protect the city of Amsterdam. Not only is De Beemster a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but the defence line has earned this title as well. The unique museums of these UNESCO World Heritages sites are absolutely worth a visit!

What to do in Middenbeemster:

- Fortresort Beemster

- Cycling in the Beemster

- Fort on the Jisperweg

- The Monastery of Lady of Lourdes

- Take a walk through the Beemster 


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