Dating back to the middle ages, Monnickendam was once one of the most important ports in Holland. With a prime location at the sea and ships famous for the Baltic trade made it a wealthy city. Not only that, but they were also famous for producing excellent cheeses and smoked fish.

Today, most of the city is a protected heritage site. Thanks to its compact size, Monnickendam is ideal to explore on your own – with cute cafes, historical sites and nice shops.

Make sure you visit the old weighing house, de Waegh, where merchants used to weigh their products (and where, later, witches were weighed…).

What to do in Monnickendam:

- Take a walk through Monnickendam  

- Port of Monnickendam 

- Recreation area Hemmeland

- Tea garden Overleek 

- Playground Monnickendam


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