BBQ Spectacle ( 2, 5 hours )


For groups from 30 people
The BBQ Spectacle consists of:
• A delicious glass of bubbly on arrival
• Various meat and fish dishes from the barbecue*
• Various appetizers
• A salad buffet with fresh salads and dressings
• French bread with herb butter
• Multiple types of sauces
• Coffee and tea with a delicacy
• Unlimited Dutch drink assortment
• Possibly. patio heaters, fire pits and blankets

Price per person € 55.00
*Vegetarian dishes are also possible.

Would you like to use our Vegetable Garden?

We use the following game rules:
• The Vegetable Garden can be booked from 30 people
• The Vegetable Garden has a rental price from €450.00
• In case of bad weather it is unfortunately not possible
to use the vegetable garden.

We make the final decision 3 days before the event, always in consultation. If the activity is moved indoors, we will serve a buffet instead of a barbecue and the rent of the Vegetable Garden will be cancelled.


What could be better about summer than being able to eat outside? Watch the cook prepare the dishes on the barbecue and enjoy the warm summer evening. Since it remains the Netherlands, we ensure that a fire pit is lit during the colder evenings. Enjoy various salads and garnishes, chips, dishes from the barbecue and various desserts during the BBQ Live.


The Vegetable Garden is open from April to October
Bookable from 30 people

Nice to know:

  • If the weather is bad, we will serve an extensive buffet in one of our event rooms
  • If necessary, patio heaters and blankets are provided.
  • Do you not like something or are you allergic to something? Please let us know in good time and our chef will take this into account.
  • For "the Vegetable Garden" we charge a room rental of € 450.00

To reserve

Reservations can be made by telephone on 0299-365656, by e-mail at  or via a chat message on our Facebook page.

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